Aries horoscope december 22 birthday

December 22 Zodiac

People born on December 22nd are quiet and seem timid at times. They also have a tendency to not speak their mind, even if they have a point or can provide meaningful input to the conversation. These are people who just emit emotional negativity. These people can also be very clingy.

Be very careful among these people. But make sure that they are at the right level of friendship. After all, most people only have so much emotional energy in any given day. You would not want to hang out with people that make you feel drained after every phone call.

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Earth is the element of stability and growth. People who are influenced by this element are also known to be highly dependable. If you were born on December 22nd, your planet of influence is Saturn. Saturn is a planet that is associated with self-preservation. This color signifies your need to have a simple life.

December 22 Zodiac: Sagittarius

You also want to have security and safety as your top priorities. People who are influenced by this color are happy as long as they are supported by their friends and families.

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Rather than see activities in life as an ebb and flow of busyness and calm, you see things slowing down as indicative of boredom and reach for the exit. Doing so means you often sell yourself short on so many situations in which remarkable potential exists — as well as sometimes hurting the feelings of others with your sporadic behaviour.

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December 22 Birthday Horoscope

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    English name: The Archer. Sun sign dates: November 22 — December Saturn is the planet of control and subsequently, it connects to your discipline, order, patience and perseverance. More so than any of the other Capricorn Decans, your planetary influences gives you the determination to achieve great things. You meet challenges with a great deal of responsibility and control, but perhaps your most valuable trait is your patience, which allows you to keep a cool head in most situations.

    In life and love, you value emotional and material security. As long as you are working towards obtaining these things, you will always find satisfaction from your efforts.