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The only question is, is there anything more besides physicality and mutual fascination? This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Daily horoscope. By the time Mercury returns on 3rd October the Sun is still three weeks away with Venus, the planet of love returning on 9th October to begin the most romantically charged weeks of any year. Mercury will normally spend 14 to 15 days giving your heart a voice and putting heart and mind on the same page.

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However, a retrograde turn at the end of the month will keep him here for the next two months and he will still be here when Mars returns next month. There is no planetary activity in either of your two money houses this month and that will suit you just fine.

Cancer Horoscope For Tuesday, October 8,

The Moon will make that visit from 7th October to 10th October and is always a valuable chance to get your financial ducks in a row. With your financial instincts and imagination fuelled your subconscious will be downloading information at a faster rate than you can process it, which can happen after the Moon leaves. In the scheme of things, this puts very little focus on money matters as a whole, with your financial sector more focused on what you do with the money you have. This is something the money gods will leave in your hands. It is on the income front there is cause for excitement and anticipation this month, despite the fact that there is no planetary activity in your income sector either.

However, the last planet only left your income sector in late August and the parade that moved through included Mars, who was making his first visit in two years and Juno, here first in four years. With no planetary activity in your financial sector, there was little push back and instead, all the planets moving through interacted with both planets in your career sector, as they do each year but also, for the first time in 12 years, with Jupiter in your work sector. With Jupiter in his second full month in direct motion and due to leave in early December, the pace and momentum is picking up on the job front and as it does, it is taking the income momentum banked over recent months with it.

Cancer horoscope October 12222

So while there is no planetary activity on the income front, as the potential for job growth continues, so too does the income potential. There will be a chance to check in when the Moon moves through your income sector from 22nd October to 24th October. Scorpio season will bring more of an intense angle to your work, whether it be pressure from yourself feeling more wrapped up and obsessed with your work, or pressure from outside, with people who didn't seem to pay attention before suddenly butting in with opinions and ideas of how you should do your job.

It's important to use that pressure to keep yourself going, especially on the side of the pressure you create yourself, and ignore that which comes from other people as there is not much you can do to help that. This will help prevent you from feeling like you're drowning, because even though you're a Water sign, you may still find Scorpio season to be a bit overwhelming.

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Your own sensitive side will be more alert and susceptible to criticism. It would be a good idea to take a step back from any negative feedback and examine it as coldly and as logically as you can. Socially, you will find it easier to interact with others during Libra season, especially those you already have an established relationship with; friends and family will find you to be refreshingly funny and filled with optimism they aren't used to hearing from you.

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  8. In fact, you might be a bit surprised yourself, as you're pretty used to your own narrative that is usually in the realism or even pessimism realm. Libra season will have you more likely to text old friends to see how they've been and commented on their social media posts with positive affirmations about their accomplishments. You will feel good for your friends, and they, in turn, will feel joy from your recognition.

    You will most likely go out more often than usual, though you will still prefer to have small gatherings and not do anything too far from home. Scorpio season, on the other hand, will be filled with a lot more alone time as you need to process how you're feeling.

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    It will be a sobering contrast as you go from seeing the joy in life and building up others to working on your own insecurities and issues as they come up in day to day interactions. You will be less likely to reach out for help from your friends, even though you may feel you need it even more than ever now. The few very close people that know you may check in on you and it's important you let at least one person in on how you're feeling so that you don't get too lost and lose perspective about how you're feeling in relation to how everything really is.

    You may find yourself in a bit of a spiral in terms of your self-reflection and it will be important to voice some of these thoughts in order to realign yourself with reality.

    Here is your horoscope for October 8, 12222

    Your inner self will be feeling quite pleasant at the beginning of the month. This is why you'll be able to look outside of yourself to your friends and colleagues, as you will be feeling quite pleasant otherwise and won't need to spend too much time hibernating away with your thoughts. Some social recovery is always needed, but it will be a nice sort of recovery that you take pleasure in, with hobbies and TV show binging.

    As the month progresses, you will find your inner thoughts taking a lot of energy and space that they didn't are up before. Scorpio season will really bring out your darker thoughts, of which you have plenty. A lot of them may revolve around self-doubt and worry. It's important to recognize what is legitimately things you need to work on and what is just things you've blown out of proportion in your ultra focus on your inner thoughts.

    Cancer Monthly Horoscope

    Altogether, it will be a very interesting month for you. October should be a fruitful month in terms of creativity and work, and you will see the results from things you do this month later on. It will be important to stay aware of the big picture and to not get too lost in your own narrative.