North node in aquarius compatibility

That's really important because according to Damron, your relationship may be "fueled with more problems and disputes this year.

Connecting Your North and South Nodes, Past Lives, and Karma

Because of this, you may find yourself fighting with your partner more than usual. But don't worry just yet. According to Damron, "This energy can be transmuted for the positive if you team up with your partner to solve the issues of others through activities such as volunteering. If you've been experiencing a drought in your love life, next year is going to be your year. If you've already settled on your person, partnerships will be very home-oriented in So introducing your partner to the family, taking a trip to your hometown, or making a new home together are all great ways to bond this year.

In , you're going to have a ton of luck when it comes to your career, which is obviously great. Just don't forget about your partner. Aside from your work, you'll be pretty lucky in other areas of your life as well. This could apply to any hobbies and side projects you have. Because of all the good luck you're sure to have, your relationship should follow suit.

So try to think of date ideas that surround your own hobbies. In general, your love life is going to see some positive changes next week.

North Node In LEO Destiny And Purpose - 2019

According to Damron, you'll be able to connect with your partner in creative ways while getting to enjoy a sense of security. You're going to be experiencing a lot of positive changes next year, Sag. That's because your ruling planet will be transiting through your sign this year, making you feel strong and confident in yourself.

Sun enters Scorpio

Because of that, Damron says, is going to be all about you as an individual and your personal growth. That means, you may find yourself putting your partner and your relationship on the backburner. Although your confidence may be high this year, Stardust says it's also important to remember to cherish your partner. So always remember to appreciate them and never take them for granted. Similar to Sagittarius, Capricorns will also have their ruling planet, Saturn, transiting through their sign this year.

You too will be at your strongest and will put a lot of focus on your self-development.

Table of Sign Modality, Element, and Orientation

Once you're able to see the strength in yourself, you'll be better equipped to have the relationship you actually want. The upcoming year will push you to get over your fears and insecurities around relationships, "forcing you to take the plunge toward commitment," Stardust says. In , you may find yourself becoming more introverted throughout the year since your ruling planet moves through your twelfth house of spirituality, isolation, and imagination.

They don't follow the crowd and often have a well-developed sense of what they believe to be ethically right and wrong for all. The signs below are some of the best Sun sign matches out of a possible matches. They are all Sun Sextile Sun relationships that have elemental compatibility, which means there are in harmony and naturally at ease with one another. They have different modalities, which means fewer challenges and frustrations. Additionally, they have the same approach, attitude, and perspective of life orientation.

Aries and Gemini are both independent, fun, playful, and optimistic. Each lives life in the moment doesn't need the approval of others or dwell on the past. Taurus and Cancer both value the home and family, enjoy working towards financial security and appreciate stability in a partner. Each lives their life up-close and personal. Libra and Leo are both optimistic, creative, and very social. They love dressing up and being the center of attention.

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Additionally, each has a classy, refined style, charisma, and is playful. They are people, people who enjoy interacting with others. Both Virgo and Scorpio have a private streak and enjoy spending time alone. Each has an eye for critical detail and strives to understand the surface and underlying dynamics of people and relationships. Sagittarius and Aquarius are both intelligent, friendly, positive, and enthusiastic about life. Their eyes are focused on the people, places, philosophies, and ideas of the entire world. Capricorn and Pisces are both very loyal and enjoy harmony over drama or friction.

Though each seems very different, both see the world the same way and have a convergence of ideas and beliefs. The use of Sun signs may provide an interesting guide to compatible matches in a general sense. However, it's impossible to assess the compatibility of two individuals by their Sun signs alone. Want more astrological insight?

Astrological soulmate secrets revealed by the esoteric practice of karmic astrology

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Finding the Best Match

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Discover your North Node’s impact on your karmic direction

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Article continues below. The north node. How are the nodes used in astrology? To find your lunar nodes, choose the date range that includes your birthday. North and south node dates The AstroTwins.